Quality of Life 2019 conference will be held in Wrocław, September 12-13, 2019, and will be devoted to the alternative methodological approaches in quality of life research. The conference starts with the special plenary session in English language with specialists from Italy and Russia devoted to the family situation research and regional analysis, during next seesions papers will be presented in Polish language. The detailed program of conference is available in Polish language on the website http://qol.ue.wroc.pl/index_php/program.

Series of conferences devoted to the quality of life issues and organized in Wrocław by the Department of Statistics of Wrocław University of Economics started in year 1999, then next international and Poland-wide scientific meetings took place in years 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2015, 2017.

The covers of conference publications between years 1999-2009 are presented on the website http://qol2012.ue.wroc.pl/en/about.htm. Covers of publications after conferences  QoL 2012 and QoL 2015 are presented below (the pictures link to the open access papers in the Lower Silesian Digital Library, one should scroll down to find the issue of Research Papers of Wrocław University of Economics).

After the last conference in year 2017 the papers were published in the separate issue of Research Papers of Wrocław University of Economics. Moreover three monographic volumes were published by the Publishing House of Wrocław University of Economics. Pictures given below link to the websites with open access or with possibility of books purchase.